Infographic: Almost everything you need to know about birthstones

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Birthstones have been used for centuries by different cultures and for different reasons. Dating back to its origins in Israel, it is believed that Aaron wore all twelve gemstones on his breastplate to represent the different tribes. Legends from the past stated that the birthstones gave different powers of healing if worn during the matching month. Birthstones have also been linked to astrology and each sign and planet is matched with a different stone. Today, we use birthstones to honor the month when someone was born and it’s common to give that person a piece of jewelry such as a necklace or ring with the gemstone. Birthstones for each month follow the Gregorian calendar as follows:

  • January-Garnet
  • February-Amethyst
  • March-Aquamarine
  • April-Diamond
  • May-Emerald
  • June-Pearl
  • July-Ruby
  • August-Peridot
  • September-Sapphire
  • October-Opal
  • November-Citrine
  • December-Blue Topaz

Each gemstone is associated with specific qualities that are supposed to represent or say something about the person who was born during that month. For example, the Garnet for January is for everlasting friendship and trust. The Amethyst for February represents several different qualities including peace, temperance, serenity and even royalty. During the beginning of spring, March is associated with good health, youth, love and hope. The Diamond for April also means love, but also courage. Emerald for May is meant to signify health and faith. Ever since the era of the Ancient Greeks, the Pearl for June is symbol of purity. Ruby for July represents love and passion. The Peridot is a symbol of strength and resilience. For September, the Sapphire has long been a representation of purity and wisdom. The Opal for October represents hope, creative, and innocence. The Citrine for November represents strength and healing for the body and mind. During winter and nearing the beginning of a New Year, the Blue Topaz for December signifies happiness and good fortune. These gemstones can be found all over the world from mines in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia. See full  size birthstone infographic by clicking the image. birthstone gemstone infographic

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