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Topaz is a typical gemstone of the fall, a period when everything seems to fade only to come back stronger a few months later. It is no wonder therefore that it is the birthstone for November, a month were we need our energies the most in order to get prepared for the long winter. People who were born in this month can get some extra energy if they wear any of our Blue Topaz earrings anytime of the year, but it is also advised for people who are susceptible to feel weak in the absence of sunlight and warmth. The romans associated Topaz with the Sun, and of course their God of the Sun, Jupiter, and thought that Topaz can act like a second sun for people when the real sun is absent. It was also believed that anyone who wears this gem is safe from cold-related problems like minor sicknesses or frostbites.

Although we usually associate Topaz with the color yellow, they are available on many other colors, including maybe the classiest of them all, blue. Blue Topaz combines all the positive effects of the yellow Topazes with the calm and relaxing nature of the color blue, which makes it a very special and complex stone. Due to its wonderfully transparent, sea-like light blue color, it cannot be confused with any other blue gemstone (for example with Sapphire or Turquoise), it is unique in every way, so no wonder it is usually among the most popular choices among our customers. As all of our jewelry, it is of course also made with only the best quality sterling silver, in order to create a jewel of unmistakable beauty and elegance.

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