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druzy Earrings 

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Turkish Style! Brown Druzy & White Topaz Sterling Silver Earrings
Druzy Earrings
$65.29 $22.85

Turkish Style! Brown Druzy & White Topaz Sterling Silver Earrings

$65.29 $22.85
RETAIL value: $162.15
Weight: 14.10g
Dimension: L -1 1/8, w -1, t -3/8 inch
Backing: Push backing
Item code: 19-paz-15-39

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Druzy is a very widespread stone, which has many different subcategories (Agate, Golden, Geo, Rainbow, just to name a few), as well as many different names (it is sometimes spelled as Druse or Drusy). It is made of small quartz crystals, usually forming within other stones, that surface when water opens up these "carrying" stones. The process through what it arrives to be part of our wonderful jewels takes many million years, enormous amounts of heat and pressure, so it is really one of nature's wonders that they can be here for you to take home and relish its beauty. Its colors can vary on a great scale, as it is very much influenced by the stone that carries the Druzy, even though the two stones don't necessarily have to be similar. Pink, green, deep red, black, blue or golden Druzies are all quite common, but from time to time you can even see very strange combinations of these colors.

It is a very hard material, which is not the greatest news for the silversmiths who have to work with it, good news for the wearers though, as it is basically impossible to damage the stone, even if stepped upon or dropped from a very high altitude. Due to these fantastic characteristics, Druzy really makes a perfect gemstone for earrings as well as for other kinds of jewelry, so don't hesitate to choose one either for yourself or for one of your loved ones. Combined with the pure sterling silver we use for all of our Druzy earrings, these pieces of jewelry are breathtakingly beautiful and will accompany the wearers through many decades without losing even a bit from its beauty.

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