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Imperial Jasper Earrings  

Sometimes when we see a particularly piece of jewelry, even something that's shaped in a more contemporary style, we often don't think of the historical associations. While the shapes of the jewelry might have changed over the years, the gemstones remain the same, and we often wear necklaces and earrings that are similar to those that were worn by ancient cultures, tens of thousands of years ago. Imperial Jasper earrings are one such item, and the jasper stone was seen as a symbol of nobility and privilege in Ancient Egypt. Imperial Jasper is also sacred in Jewish history. Whether you desire a classic or more modern look, Imperial Jasper earrings are certainly worth considering.

As with any gemstone, Imperial Jasper can be cut in any shape, so there's no limit to the type of Imperial Jasper earrings that you can choose. Jasper can be found in green, red, yellow and brown, although Imperial Jasper is usually a combination of delicate yellow and brown hues, which looks utterly striking when worn in jewelry form. Imperial Jasper has a subtlety not seen in many other gemstones.

Jasper has many mystical healing connotations, and is traditionally seen as a symbol of protection- in the ancient world it was thought to ward off evil spirits and was often presented to someone about to embark on a long trip. In fact, Jasper was often placed on the bodies of the recently deceased, to help them with their journey to the afterlife. Whether you're about to go on a long trip or not, Imperial Jasper earrings look fantastic- so even if you just wear the gemstone when you're out and about in your hometown, you're bound to look wonderful.

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