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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

The Holidays are a wonderful time for all of us. This is a time when more often than usual, we think about people close to us and they think about us. It happens that in some special way, we want to show our close ones our affection for them; we want this person to feel exceptional and deep in our hearts, wish that someone thought of us in the same way.

Besides this Holiday love, closeness and the accompanying atmosphere of wonderful people, it is a time of presents.

Who among us does not like to receive them? If we want a loved one to feel truly exceptional, we want to give them something special.

Unfortunately, we do not always know what an appropriate gift would be, or be certain that it will be liked. After all, we don't want for a person to be disappointed at what they receive at the time of giving gifts.

Sometimes it seems to us that we know our beloved and know what she likes, sometimes it seems to us that what we get her, she will enjoy, never had something like it before, but are you certain? These dilemmas plague every man who wants to give something to his beloved. Is it surely something she will like and what will happen if not?

The greatest gift our love can receive from us is lovely jewelry. Beautiful, stylish and unique. A small object, which will surely light up her face with a huge, beautiful smile. This is exactly what our jewelry does. We guarantee that like nothing else in the world; it is suitable for every occasion, no matter what the occasion is. Well, yes, but what to do when we are still not sure whether she will like a little discreet present in the form of a pendant, ring or a bracelet? After all, our store offers several thousands of patterns.

We have the answer. If you know that your beloved loves jewelry, particularly sterling silver jewelry, handmade with natural stones and unique designs, we have great news for you.

With us, you can buy gift cards with a value you consider appropriate and to give them to your loved one with the ability to use it in our store. Isn't that t great?

You know, that your beloved loves jewelry and you want to bestow upon her the best, but you're not sure that the jewelry given please her, there's nothing simpler.
Give her a silverrushstyle gift card to buy jewelry.
This is the GREATEST WAY to present her with something she'll love.

Our offer includes six gift cards in amount of $10, $20, $50, $100, $200 and $500.

When you buy a gift card, we will ask you to enter your first name and last name and the address of the person who is to receive the card and we will send it to the person with additional wishes with your request. If it is you who wants to give your chosen gift card to the person personally, we will send it to you.

You may also wish for the person who you want to give the card to, to receive it via e-mail. Nothing easier. You give us an e-mail address of the person and the date when you want that person to receive the present and we will secure the rest.

Trust us, our gift cards are the greatest present you can give to your beloved!

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