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Taurus Earrings 

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Victorian Style Emerald Ruby White Topaz .925 Sterling Silver earrings
Emerald Earrings
$138.73 $48.56

Victorian Style Emerald Ruby White Topaz .925 Sterling Silver earrings

$138.73 $48.56
RETAIL value: $235.15
Weight: 14.10g
Dimension: L - 1 7/8, W -1, t -3/16 inch
Backing: Lever Back
Item code: 3-lis-19-63
Party Green Emerald Sterling Silver earrings
Emerald Earrings
$61.21 $21.42

Party Green Emerald Sterling Silver earrings

$61.21 $21.42
RETAIL value: $156.15
Weight: 8.10g
Dimension: L -2 3/8, W -5/8, T -1/8 inch
Backing: Hook
Item code: 4-cze-14-52

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Overall, the ones born under the Zodiac sign of the Taurus are very patient, dedicated and practical people. They tend to seem relaxed, but deep inside there is an eternal fire burning in them, urging them forward to acquire power over their environment, in many cases subconsciously. With this kind of dedication and strong will, it is hardly a surprise that the gemstone associated with the Taurus sign is the Emerald, a stone that is usually associated with Cleopatra's mines in Egypt, and which is nowadays one of the most popular gemstones in the world.

While many gemstones can have different colors, Emeralds always have to be green (the word "emerald" actually originates from the ancient Greek word "smaragdos", meaning "green gem", through the latin word of "Esmeraldus"). This doesn't mean however, that they all look the same. Their color is divided into three components, hue, saturation and tone, and inside these categories, every Emerald gem is completely unique. Its color comes from the presence of two materials, chromium and vanadium. They are usually found in other kinds of hard stones, for example in granite or in pegmatite, and the fines ones are usually associated with Colombia.

Taurus people usually have a settled routine they find hard to change, but this routine is usually a very well-planned stairway to the top. Working hard is never hard for a Taurus, but they will only do the amount needed for their goals, never more. These beautiful Emerald gemstones can help the people born under this sign to enhance their strengths, but also to be able to more flexible in situations that require this attribute. The positive powers of the stone combined with its fantastic looks make it an ideal purchase both for yourself or as a present.

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