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Vintage Design Baltic Amber .925 Sterling Silver handcrafted Ring s. 9 1/4
Amber Ring
$120.55 $48.22

Vintage Design Baltic Amber .925 Sterling Silver handcrafted Ring s. 9 1/4

$120.55 $48.22
RETAIL value: $145.50
Weight: 5.80g
Size: 9 1/4
Dimension: L- 7/8, W - 5/8, T- 1/4 inch
Item code: 8-cze-20-92

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What is Amber?

If you see amber in the shop it looks like a solid mass of deep treacle. Some people may even think it was made of a high-class plastic. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Despite being called a stone, amber is an amorphous tree-sap which has been fossilized. It has been valued since Neolithic times when people believed it offered protection against evil and bad luck, but today it is best known as amber jewelry.

Another unique quality of amber is that it often contains insects, moss or plants. These are clearly identifiable and have been trapped in the resin for millions of years. If the amber is cloudy - it may be the result of air bubbles. Heating it in oil will clear them away. The largest deposits of amber are found in the Baltic region, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, Burma and several European countries.

Amber Jewelry or Plastic - How to Identify the Fake

Amber is usually a golden yellow or golden orange color and can be transparent and semi-translucent. Perhaps surprisingly it can also be dyed, which makes it an ideal material for jewelry. Although amber is 2.5 on the hardness scale it can also be carved. This means that the possibilities of amber jewelry are limitless in terms of shape, size, color and texture.

The history of amber alone should inspire you. Can you imagine wearing something exquisitely beautiful that is thousands of years old? And it is easy to buy amber jewelry with confidence. If you ever want to check whether a piece of jewelry is amber or plastic, simply place the "amber" jewelry into a glass of salt and water. Real amber will float whereas a plastic imitator will sink.

Health Benefits of Amber Jewelry

Any type of jewelry can be said to enhance the life of the wearer by making them feel attractive or glamorous. However, amber has additional properties associated with it. It is supposed to bring its wearer mental and emotional strength. It is also thought to be highly calming. Can you imagine owning a necklace which is over 90 million years old? Buy an amber necklace and you may just do that!

The stone is easy to look after and can be cleaned using warm water and a soft cloth. Olive oil applied with a soft cloth will restore the polish. Just remember to avoid exposing amber to direct sunlight.

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