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The natural world gives us so much beauty, and it's a beauty that we often incorporate into our own look, through wearing amazing and stunning accessories made from natural gems and precious metals. The amazing ferocity of a volcano is not something that we might think we're able to wear, but thanks to picture jasper, we can bring the exquisiteness of the volcano to life via jewelry, and picture jasper earrings are a great way to achieve this.

The creation of picture jasper is fascinating, and the rock actually started life as wet earth that made its way into gas pockets found in red-hot molten lava, hardening into the brownish yellow stone that we find today. Picture jasper earrings can have amazing variations and each one is unique- often looking like a handmade painting, meaning that each picture jasper earring seems to tell a story.

The subtle shades of picture jasper means that the earrings give off a vibe of elegance and sophistication, meaning that they work best with formal wear, although depending on the style of picture jasper earrings you end up choosing, they also look great in more casual circumstances. Picture jasper is often combined with other gems and stones, or accentuated with gold and silver, which gives them more versatility when assembling your look for the evening.

Given its origins, picture jasper is traditionally thought to encourage an earthy feeling, a sense of closeness and harmony with nature, so picture jasper earrings make a great present for someone in your life who is particularly environmentally conscious. Of course, when you see the loveliness and beauty of the stone in the flesh, you might be tempted to keep them for yourself!

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