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Large Kyanite Sapphire Black rhodium over .925 Sterling Silver handcrafted earrings
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Kyanite Earrings
$265.55 $106.22

Large Kyanite Sapphire Black rhodium over .925 Sterling Silver handcrafted earrings

$265.55 $106.22
RETAIL value: $540.50
Weight: 16.90g
Dimension: L - 1 3/4, W - 7/8, T - 1/2 inch
Backing: Lever Back
Item code: 4-maj-20-102

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The choice of gemstones when it comes to choosing earrings and other types of jewelry can be somewhat overwhelming, and while some people have a preference for diamonds, rubies or emeralds, some of us might like to explore lesser known gems. Kyanite is certainly not so well known as other gemstones, but this exceptionally beautiful gem looks fantastic, and kyanite earrings are a great way to display this lesser known beauty.

Kyanite has many associations with Ancient Greece, and many varieties of the stone come in an impressive array of blue and green, which bring to find the crystal clear azure seas of the Mediterranean. While blue and green are the more popular shades of Kyanite, the stone is also available in a vibrant orange, which is mined in the African nation of Tanzania- so your Kyanite earrings are available in many different shades that will wonderfully accessorize any look!

As with many other precious stones, there's a symbolism and meaning to Kyanite, and the stone is thought to have mystical properties that encourage peace, serenity and balance, although the orange variations are thought encourage love, and even lust- so Kyanite earrings are a great gift to someone who might be lacking in these areas of their life.

The healing properties of the stone are thought to work best when the stone is kept close to your body, which means that it's absolutely perfect in jewelry form, and even apart from the supposed healing benefits, Kyanite earrings will flatter your look, which is bound to make you feel great!

Whether you opt for orange, green, blue or even the very dark variation that looks almost black, Kyanite is a beautiful gemstone that deserves to be proudly worn on your body.

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