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Red Coral Earrings  

The beautiful red corals of the sea have been used to make jewelry since many centuries, no wonder it is also very often referred to as Precious coral. It is actually not a name for one species, but a few related ones, which all have the same characteristics: intensive, powerful colors, and high durability. Once considered a plant, but now we know that the Coral, sometimes called the "Garden of the sea" is actually a skeleton made up from the accumulated skeletons of very small animals, thus creating a very hard material. It is usually used in red, as it is its most popular variety, but it can also be found in some other colors, including white, yellow and pink.

There is proof that since people have started to use decorations in and around the areas they live in, the Red Coral has been used to create art. Most of the tribes that used it also believed that it has some kind of magical power, which helps to prevent and foretell illnesses, while also used it as a medicine for curing skin diseases. Many people also believe nowadays that it helps with blood-related medical issues and circulation, while also aiding in psychological problems such as minor depression or lethargy.

For the Red Coral earrings we offer here on this website we only use the highest quality Coral acquired from the most beautiful landscapes over the world (no living animals or plants are harmed in the process, though!), and the purest sterling silver to create amazingly seemly jewelry. They are all made by hand in order to ensure that their quality fits all the requirements of our wonderful customers.

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