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Red Jasper Earrings  

Jasper was the favorite gemstone of the Ancient Greeks, but the Romans also held it to very high regard, and not by accident. This stone, which is usually red or contains red parts, but can also be found in green, brown and rarely in yellow, occurs in many beautiful patterns and tones, and is very easy to handle, much to the delight of jewelers around the globe. It is also the birthstone of March, which means both that the people born in March has a special connection with this material, but also that its powers are the strongest during the third month of the year. These powers are believed to originate from the stone's strong connection with the Earth, meaning that it can help in the psychological problems of the people who had to leave their home countries or who lost their roots for some other kind of reason. It has also been considered as a warrior's stone during ancient times, many ferocious warriors of the Antiquity has worn it as some sort of jewelry, as they believed it will help them to conquer their enemies and get back safely to their families.

As its name suggests, Red Jasper is the Jasper found in this magnificent and really strong color. It is believed to have the strongest healing properties out of all Jasper categories (there are many, we for example offer more than 20 types of Jasper). It is especially helpful if you are facing challenges that require, determination, willpower and courage, as it has the power of the ancient warriors inside it. In addition, their fantastic deep red colors ensure that wherever you choose to wear these Red Jasper earrings, people will be astonished by their beauty.

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