Jewelry – the love of every woman

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Rings, brooches, earrings, pendants, bracelets, chains, necklaces. Jewelry. We, women, love it. Each of us have shiny trinkets in our jewelry boxes, drawers and cases. They are complementary to our clothes emphasize beauty, and give us shine, but not only. Jewelry is also a way of life.

How would our life look without jewelry? I can’t imagine it completely. The first women couldn’t do without it, who lived in caves and sheds, and what can we say about women of the 21st century? One thing is certain. If there were no jewelry, we wouldn’t be able to, respectively, emphasize our beauty, show your individuality, and, for some, which to them is important, wealth and social status. There is no woman, who does not have any jewelry in her home, not to mention whole drawers of it. We know this and we, therefore, learned that the design of earrings, rings, bracelets, and the later creation of it, is a great passion. Everyone loves jewelry, women, in particular. Was our passion born due to this love of ornaments?

We created our first jewelry years ago, before we made a business out of it. I remember that these were rings with two spirals, but we could not wear them, because they were too soft. But a necklace of amber, in the shape of a heart, was admired by all. Our passion for creating jewelry was born from our adoration of nature and everything that one can do from things originating from its heart. In addition, we greatly liked it. We love jewelry. Many years passed since our fun days of homemade jewelry designing and creating. From that point on, making jewelry is our passion, but why jewelry? While creating jewelry, we show our talent and skill. In addition, we combine our passion with a way of life and earning money. Every woman likes to dress up and this is the way we make it happen for the more beautiful gender half of our planet. We never really know what will inspire us. Sometimes it is nature, such as a dry stick in the foreground of a colored wall, sometimes an excessive run of finish on a bathroom tile. Typically, it is art, exotic cultures and works of other artists. Although this latter is more on the basis of challenges and competition. Would a woman without jewelry be dull and sad? It seems to us, that a woman that is independent, aware of her own values, would not be. Jewelry is only an addition. It should highlight femininity, not make it dull. What does jewelry give a woman? Does it make us feel better, more confident, and may we want to stand out, show off, to exist? It is our view that it really depends on the person. For some, it is a symbol of wealth, and to others, it is a way to be unique. We personally treat jewelry as part of clothing, to complement a costume. As a proverbial dot above the i, and in addition, many people believe in the magic of jewelry, mainly stones, amulets … therefore will always fine natural stones and simple forms fashionable. Jewelry that is extravagant, filled with fantasy, is appealing temporarily. This kind of jewelry usually complements clothes for special occasions such as a wedding, or New Year’s Eve, or the “calm” outfits, to revive them slightly. Eye catching jewelry has a characteristic that we quickly get bored of it and we turn again to string pearls, inherited from the grandmother, or fragile earrings with an Onyx ball, which complement with everything. We love natural stone pieces and very often, we begin our work inspired by one of them. We create jewelry of volcanic lava, fossilized turquoise, wood, amber, coral, and from green malachite, and striped flint, which only occurs only in Poland and is called the Polish diamond. Our dream is to create a collection worthy of our greatest jewelry authorities and mentors.

Our jewelry is not only an aesthetic of a project – it is something more. It is a way to gain a sense of self-confidence and strengthen our own values. When matched with our personality, it should be proportionate to the nature of our character and our current mood. For some, it may be symbolic and hold a sentimental value. Also, do not forget about the medicinal properties. Therefore, we recommend jewelry from Silverrush as the finest in the world originating from nature.