Our vision of jewelry

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From the beginning of time, jewelry has served as the symbolic, aesthetic, sometimes magical functions and frequently determined the social status of its owners. On the other hand, the making of jewelry was tied with unusual talent and artistic skill. In addition to creating jewelry, the craftsmen had to learn a difficult craft of a special skill, and had to prove themselves in craftsmanship and exceptional technical efficiency. Jewelers in history frequently had the status of an artist.

It is not different today. Our company, silverrushstyle, is a brand based on the concept of individualism, which magnifies independence and close emotional affinity with nature. Who does not wish to stand out amongst other individuals? We do this in various ways. Frequently not even realizing it, and our need for individualism and independence drives us towards this. It is increasingly less common now in our culture to deal with the concept of individuality. Large corporations and omnipresent globalism took over not only our bodies, but also our souls by dictating to us what to do, to eat and even how to behave. In Silverrushstyle, we try to see the individual in the immense world and to meet their individual needs when it comes to jewelry.
How should jewelry addressed to an individual and not to the mainstream look then?

Most of all, it should be unique, with a connection to nature and its close contact with an individual and most of all, should be beautiful. One of a kind.

Our jewelry is a state of deconstruction, and new values emerge from this condition. This is one of the stages, in which we transform silver and stones into art. This is a clear metaphor of jewelry technology, which we deal with – we melt down silver and precious metals, to be able to form them into a shape designed by us.

We try to design our jewelry to be the most unique and to be created in a way so that its future owner could feel an emotional tie with it.

In order for our jewelry to breathe its own life, we have to design it and create it. This is a difficult and complex process, but we love to talk and write about it, because everything that we do, we do it with a passion.

Our projects are created in a virtual environment. When an outline is ready, a 3D prototype is created on a very precise stereo-lithographic printer (rapid prototyping). It builds a model of very thin layers of special resin, hardened by laser light. A ready prototype is evaluated for quality. It happens that the designers introduce corrections to the project and create another prototype. After it is accepted, it is still hand-crafted, because in the next stage, it will be used as a “master-model” – a perfect model, on the basis of which all subsequent copies will be produced. The Master-model is encased in a special jewelry rubber – after stretching, the rubber becomes a form, into which wax is injected. It becomes a wax model, which can be replicated in any number of copies. The wax is collected in the so-called tree mold. It is then placed in the molding sleeve, melted into plaster and inserted into the furnace, in which the wax melts. It becomes a plaster mold, which is placed in molding caster. There, in vacuum conditions, it is filled with metal. That is how a cast is created during the so-called vacuum method. The casts are extracted from the quill and treated cleaned from plaster. In the next step, they are subjected machine and manual treatment. The next processes are assembly, soldering, polishing and fitting the stone, and in the case of certain products, gold plating. It’s fascinating that this whole complex process is based on the history of the ancient world method, which Etruscans used. Today, we have advanced technology at our disposal as well as computer-controlled devices, but the principle remains the same.

Our designers stay away from a too literal translation of content onto form. When you buy jewelry at Silverrushstyle, you are not only richer with the item bought, but also by its entire story, which it proposes. Their collections are not only addressed to women: “We believe that “masculinity” and “femininity” are archaic categories, which over time will into junk categories”. What we really like about this approach, is that jewelry can be a personal metaphor.

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