Jewelry ideas for girlfriend’s birthday

Jewelry ideas for girlfriends birthday

Looking for a perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend? Why not treat her to a gift you know she will truly love? Whether you have been together a few months or you have been dating for ages, the variety of birthday jewelry for girlfriend ideas at SilverRushStyle is almost unlimited. With us, you will easily(…) read more »

Gemini zodiac stones pendants

Gemini zodiac stone pendants

Did you know that agate, the astronomical gemstone for Gemini, is an earth stone? The stone is unique – its finesses of grain and brightness of hue are very mystical. It can come in a wide variety of colors and so can our dazzling Gemini zodiac pendants. Gemini pendants silver is one of a kind.(…) read more »

How to clean gold chains?

How to clean golden chains?

Let’s be honest – the whole point of gold is in its shine. If your gold jewelry isn’t shining, it isn’t worth wearing. However, don’t worry – we have some good news for you. Regular cleaning should bring out the shine you love so much. Here is how to clean gold chain and how to(…) read more »

How to clean silver chains?

How to clean silver chains?

Unfortunately, many women very often neglect cleaning silver jewelry. Sometimes, we just don’t take it off, sometimes we just think that it wouldn’t tarnish so quickly. However, silver jewelry tends to lose its luster and shine over time. Thus, in order to keep your chains, necklaces and rings in their perfect silver state, you should(…) read more »

How to polish jewelry

Your everyday jewelry has become a little bit rusty or tarnished? Jewelry should sparkle, shouldn’t it? Unfortunately, exposure to dirt, soaps and dust can be very damaging. In most cases, even moisture and air can make your favorite pieces lose their dazzle. However, the great thing is that you can slow tarnishing down and even(…) read more »

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