Gemini zodiac stones pendants

Gemini zodiac stone pendants

Did you know that agate, the astronomical gemstone for Gemini, is an earth stone? The stone is unique – its finesses of grain and brightness of hue are very mystical. It can come in a wide variety of colors and so can our dazzling Gemini zodiac pendants. Gemini pendants silver is one of a kind.(…) read more »

Spiritual Meaning of Opalite

Opalite is one of the man-made stones. It’s usually clear or milky, and iridescent. The stone is mainly composed of mineral dolomite attached with metal. It’s subtle and soft, yet opalescent. It is considered to be beneficial for psychics – it encourages communication with the spiritual realm. Many people wear it (or place it underneath(…) read more »

Health Benefits of Wearing Natural Pearl Gemstone

Pearl is one of the most famous gemstones in the world. Every woman has at least one of the following: pearl rings, pearl pendants or other pearl jewelry. The gemstone is found in oceans which makes it a little bit mysterious and extremely hypnotizing. Pearls are shining and flawless round stones with a delicate, soft(…) read more »

How to clean and care for ruby gemstones and jewelry

Rubies, partly because of their fiery, luminescent color, are one of the most elegant gemstones all over the world. However, they are quite expensive, so if you want to keep your ruby jewelry’s luster and value, you should provide it with proper care. You should know that the stone is relatively durable. It is a(…) read more »

How to wear ruby jewelry in a stylish way

Genuine ruby jewelry is a timeless concept. The right piece – like a pendant, bracelet or necklace – can just make your outfit. There are many various colors of ruby so the stone is considered to be quite all-round, even for everyday wear. Ruby is the birthstone of July, so if this is the month(…) read more »

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