What You Don’t Know About Silver: It’s Antimicrobial?!

Even though silver is known as a very popular metal to use when creating jewelry with different gemstones, many people may also be unaware that it is used as an antimicrobial agent for many other products, especially in the healthcare center. Because it is antimicrobial, it is an obvious choice to use for healthcare purposes,(…) read more »

The Most Valuable Gemstones You Never Knew Existed

You might be unaware of some of the world’s most valuable gemstones whether it is because you have never heard its name before because it is so rare and it is not commonly purchased. Another good possibility is it is a commonly known stone with a particular color such as the White Diamond but the(…) read more »

Elegant Costume Jewelry For This Fall

This year’s jewelry may be all about going all out with large jewels, smart geometric designs, and bold color, but the elegant costume jewelry trend using these various designs shouldn’t make you feel like you are ready for Halloween just yet. With this season’s high fashion, colors, and styles; your jewelry will make you feel(…) read more »

What You Don’t Know About September Birthstones

Different resources will have their own source of information about what different birthstones mean for each month and what they say about a person. However, what makes them more valuable is the cultural history and global significance to different areas of the world. The idea to wear birthstones did not occur until around the 15th(…) read more »

Just How Well Will A Jewelry Cleaning Recipe Work? The Best Methods To Try To Clean Gems At Home

If you go to Pinterest or other health and beauty sites, you may come across articles that tell you that your jewelry can be cleaned with just a couple of household ingredients. This may sound a little far-fetched and you might think your favorite jewelry can do better that or won’t come out all sparkly(…) read more »

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