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Birthstone Earrings

It has been long discovered that certain gemstones have different effects on different people, but for a long time, the details were vague. It was found out relatively early that Zodiac signs have some kind of connection with particular gems, but not until the early 20th century it was discovered that people born in certain months have a stronger connection with some gems as others. It is now clear that all months have a few stones that are more active in the time of that particular month, and also that not only your Zodiac sign is important, but also the month of your birth.

Now it is important to realize that you don't necessarily have a connection with your birthstone, although 95% of the people do. It is possible, just as with the Zodiac signs, that you for some reason have connection with different stones. Most experts explain this with soul transmigration, meaning that you inherited the characteristics of a person who was born in a different time of the year.

That being said, for most of the people, the birthstone holds some deep secret power that can help them enhance their positive attributes and suppress or get rid of their negative ones. In many cases throughout history birthstones have helped problematic people to overcome sicknesses, addictions and diseases, as well as many now famous people got strength to achieve their goals through different stones and minerals. Don't forget: if you find that the item you ordered from our Birthstone earrings does not have the expected effects, you can just send it back to us and we will quickly exchange or refund it.

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