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Gemstone Rings

Human hands are very precious - with them we can prepare food, pat the baby's head, dress the wound, write a love letter or show the right direction. No matter what colour, the touch of someone's hand can make us feel safe, relieved, reassured. When seeing loving hands of our grandmothers, aunts, grandparents, mothers and fathers we remember their warmth and experience and wisdom that we had gained with years. And you can see their rings still too.

Ancient Egyptians and Greeks give the women they wanted to marry rings made of wire or simple metals like bronze, iron. Along with rings made of ivory, glass and horn you can today see at museums - in our online store we sell gemstone rings that have more similarities with rings of the pharaohs, kings, knights, nobles.

Let the sterling silver honour gemstone rings

Because the ring never ends it symbolizes eternity - eternal love, faith, place at heart. For that in our online jewelry store we have great respect, that is why we have been searching for the most royal gems all over the world. It is entirely up to you what picture will remain in your and the others' memory. Will it be ephemeral, fulgent prehnite or fiery hot amber - every treasure is framed in an appropriate sterling silver setting. More dramatic or very subtle, organic and twining, or strong and geometrical - we are proud to offer you an impressive collection of silver gemstone rings that will make your gestures truly unforgettable.

Unique gemstone rings for those who want to share the good energy

You may not be an enthusiast of assigning the gem to the Zodiac signs or the belief they posses some healing or energetic powers, but you must admit, that the gemstone rings are simply amazing and let their wearers express their, sometimes hidden, features. Every single ring is unique and artisan, so you can be sure that you - or the one you admire - will be recognized as unique. Always wear your ring as Greeks did, as a symbol of freedom. Welcome to SilverRush.

amber Rings

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larimar Rings

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mookaite Rings

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prehnite Rings

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quartz Rings

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rhodochrosite Rings

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