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Earrings by Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Earrings

Astrology is an ancient and widely respected belief, which states that there lies some sort of harmony in the universe, therein we must find our inner peace by understanding our fate and the forces that shape our lives. Circumstances such as the ruling planet in the time of our birth can have a great effect on our personality and the stance you will take towards other human beings. If you can embrace your fate, you can start to control your own destiny, while if you fight against it, you may end up wasting the most precious possession you have.

As early as the ancient times, astrologist already recognized some sort of power in special stones, which they then named Astral Stones. They believed that by owning, holding or carrying the ideal Astral Stone, you can strengthen your planetary or Zodiacal influence. Throughout the years, people slowly started to be able to connect the stones to the specific Zodiac signs, which resulted in today's broad knowledge of Astral Stones and the signs they belong to.

On this page, you can see the twelve Zodiac signs, their respective gemstones. By clicking on your Zodiac sign, you will be directed to the page where you can find the Zodiac earrings made from your Astral Stone. In 99% of the time, the respective stone is the one that produces the strongest effect for the wearer, so you can confidently choose one that belongs to you. If you would be of that 1%, and you wouldn't be able to really feel the connection with the stone, with one of your Zodiac earrings, don't forget that you only have to send it back, and we will replace or exchange it.

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