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Ammolite Bracelets  

The ammolite stone is a material cut from the fossilized shell of extinct sea creatures. They are only found in Alberta, Canada which makes ammolites one of the rarest gemstones in the whole world. And so are ammolite stone bracelets - stunning and unique, known for ages for their pure natural beauty. Ammolite bracelets are believed to have some healing properties - the stones help activate both physical and etheric DNA. They can be used to improve the flow of energy and transform negative energy into a positive one. Also, ammolite gemstone bracelets are known to bring prosperity and luck.

Ammolite bracelets - go for a rare, iridescent quality

Have you fallen in love with a dazzling range of colors and patterns of the organic gemstone? We bet you have, as natural ammolite bracelets, as well as other jewelry with ammolites, are highly desired by women in each and every part of the world. Usually, gemstones used to produce real ammolite bracelets have either a very strong single color or a range of bright colors. Generally, genuine ammolite bracelets with red and green stones are more common than these with blue or purple ones. There are also some unique hues like violet and gold but these are extremely rare. Moreover, the color actually depends on the angle of light and the viewer's perspective so it's possible that a chromatic shift will occur. Check our gorgeous ammolite bracelets for sale to find the one you'll love - your beloved one will be just delighted to see such a gift.

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