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Green Island Aventurine .925 Sterling Silver ring s. 8 1/2
$73.46 $55.10
RETAIL value: $734.60
Weight: 11.60g
Size: 8 1/2
Dimension: L- 1 3/8, W- 1 3/8, T- 3/8 inch
Item Code: 15-cze-22-6
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$59.44 $44.58
Huge Peachy Color Aventurine .925 Sterling Silver handcrafted Ring s. 8 1/4
$59.44 $44.58
RETAIL value: $594.40
Weight: 22.50g
Size: 8 1/4
Dimension: L- 1 3/4, W- 1 1/8, T- 3/16 inch
Item Code: 22-lut-22-8

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Aventurine Jewelry  

The unusual semi-precious stone aventurine, which with its extraordinary properties has gained a large group of regular admirers. This is a rare quartz variety. Aventuri-ne jewelry is able to change human life and change its fate. Therefore, its power was combined with the magic of the moon, which is attributed similar properties. Aventurine stone jewelry has a calming effect. Natural aventurine jewelry allows you to overcome anxiety, reduces negative emotions.

Real aventurine jewelry has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, helps prevent heart, thyroid and skin problems, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. Overweight people will speed up metabolism and have a good effect on digestive processes. It is worth having genuine aventurine jewelry with you when we want happiness to favor us. With it, we gain patience and peace. Aventurine gemstone jewelry should have with them persons who hold managerial positions, because it promotes people management skills, allows you to make informed and fair deci-sions.

Therefore, this mineral supports the maintenance of good physical and mental con-dition. Works like a mood and well-being enhancer. It soothes and regulates the work of nerve cells. Aventurine allows a closer connection with spiritual guides, in-creases concentration in meditation. According to astrology, it is assigned to people under the sign of the zodiac Taurus, Sagittarius and Cancer. Aventurine jewelry for sale is the perfect gift for people born in May.

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