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Calcite Earrings  

Calcite is originally a mainly colorless transparent gem, whose name comes from the greek word "chalix", which means lime, as it was very commonly found in limestone. It was used mainly for practical purposes during the years and even during the Second World War, for gun sights, but there were also many experiments to create some kind of invisibility cloak out of calcite, due to its very strange characteristics in terms of reflecting light (clear calcite has double refraction, meaning that if you lay it over an item, you will see a duplication of it through the calcite).

Although it is originally colorless, Calcite is nowadays available in many colors, which are either from other kinds of materials, or added artificially. Either way, the amazing characteristics of the Calcite ensures that whether clear or not, our Calcite earrings look great in any kind of circumstances, but especially when encountering sunlight.

It is long believed that Calcite has some kinds of metaphysical properties, and it was used all over the world for healing and to enhance learning capabilities. People say that its purity helps to clear bad influences from the mind, thus helping it to concentrate only on the most important things, while also facilitating the creative process by opening up the inner eye.

Our Calcite earrings you can see on this page are all uniquely amazing pieces of craftsmanship, made only with the best quality sterling silver, so that when you wear them you can truly feel like the princesses of ancient times. Wherever you choose to wear them you can be sure that you will get as many compliments as many people you meet with.

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