Silverrush Prime! All JEWELRY 78% OFF
Silverrush Prime! All JEWELRY 78% OFF

About silver

The silver is said to be timeless, but also - as none of the precious metals - it is a subject to fashion and changing preferences of buyers. Silver itself remains constant throughout ages. The color of silver is neutral and suits most colors whatever someone wears.

Wearing Silver Jewelry is one of the best ways to display one's own creative inspirations, beauty and style in a very personal form.

Please explore this incredible collection to view our distinctive, designer - created silver gemstone jewelry.

Incredible properties of silver! (Interesting facts from the history...)

Silver is one of the earliest metals used by mankind, which has fascinated people for centuries. Silver was used for the medical purposes already 4000 B.C. In Persia the water was kept in silver vassals also Greek and Babylon civilization well knew the disinfecting properties of silver. Ancient Romans used silver for medical purposes. In the Middle Ages silver was used in the treatment of open wounds. Before people invented the refrigerator silver dishes and silver containers were commonly used which prevent the deterioration of drinking water or milk.

Monarchs and members of nobility ate only from silver services and in this way different kinds of gems, which decimated Europe "gave a wide berth" to governing elite. Silver that was absorbed with every meal they had reinforced their immune system thus they were able to successfully defend themselves against pathogenic organisms.

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