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Etymology and history

The name comes from the Greek chrysos, "gold", and kolla, "glue", in allusion to the name of the material used to solder gold, and was first used by Theophrastus in 315 BCE. Chrysocolla is associated with tranquility and peace, intuition, patience, and unconditional love. It is thought to offer gentle and soothing qualities.

Chrysocolla description

Chrysocolla is attractive blue-green that provides a unique color to the mineral world. Chyrsocolla is appropriately a mineraloid than a true mineral. Most of the time it is amorphous meaning that it does not have a coherent crystalline structure. However at higher temperatures it does demonstrate a distorted crystal structure that seems to be composed of Si4 O10 sheets. Chrysocolla forms in the oxidation zones of copper rich ore bodies. This opaque, stone often has bands or inclusions on it, and generally comes in a beautiful blue or turquoise color. That why, because of its light color, it is sometimes confused with turquoise.

Chrysocolla in Jewelry

Chrysocolla was used in the West like turquoise for jewelry and ornaments. A famous form of this stone came from Mexico many years ago. It was called Parrot Wing Chrysocolla. Another nice form is Drusy Chrysocolla. Jewelry made with this stones are spectacular and very unique. Sometimes bracelets and pendants or sets looks like parrot wings.


Chrysocolla occurs very widely in the American Southwest in copper deposits. Blue chrysocolla impregnated quartz, covered by small crystals of white quartz, from the Globe Mine, Gila County, Arizona, are frequent in collections. Fine massive specimens were found, in the early stages, in most of the western United States copper mines. Also found today in Africa and Chile. Russia and England (Cornwall and Cum- berland) once produced good specimens.

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