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Druzy (titanium)

Etymology and history

Name of Druzy have been widely used for many, many years to describe any stone surface coated with small, uniform crystals. It's most often applied to quartz, but can be applied to any mineral with a similar appearance.

Druzy description

Druzy crystals form on the surface of minerals. They appear as tiny, sparkling crystalline points. According to the article "Semi Precious Gemstones: Druzy Crystals" on All About Gemstones, when mineral crystals such as garnet, chalcedony or amethyst form, there is sometimes a layer of condensed crystal points that harden on the surface of the stone. This translucent layer is known as a "druzy encrustation," hence the name "druzy crystal." The colors of Druzy Titanium are very hot and intensely bright. Blue. Yellow, Red, Green and Gold.

Druzy in jewelry

Druzy Titanium is used artistically in jewelry making. The favorites are necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants. Druzy titanium is available as faceted gemstone and is artistically used in making beautiful jewelry.


The Druzy is found around of the world.

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