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Helenite is a gemstone that resulted from volcanic ash and rocks, and is also referred to as emerald obsidianite, Mount St. Helen obsidian.

The volcano erupted on May, 18, 1980, and ejected igneous rock from 10-20 miles underground.

The fury of the volcanic eruption is a wondrous occurrence in nature. The beauty that has been created from it "Helenite" is a fantastic thing to hold.

Helenite is made by fusing this material at 2700°F , which is faceted and polished. The composition of Helenite includes Si-60.50%, Al-16.60%, Fe-6.02%, Ca-5.36%, and other elements.

Helenite in our jewelry

Volcanic Red Helenite .925 Sterling Silver handcrafted Pendant
NEW Pendants -66%
$158.85 $54.00

Volcanic Red Helenite .925 Sterling Silver handcrafted Pendant

$158.85 $54.00
RETAIL value: $321.15
Weight: 4.10g
Item code: 16-lis-19-83

Helenite Jewelry

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