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Etymology and history

Labradorite is an extraordinary stone, with a multi-colored structure that creates a sophisticated, fluid penetrating color. Its color is very diverse - it can show up in various shades of blue, brown, gray or smoky black. Labradorites owe its name to the Canadian peninsula Labrador, where they are mined since time unknown. If you are looking for gemstone that is original, beautiful, yet little known, labradorite is your best option. Discover its charm and experience its handmade unique crafts available at our online store Eskimo Legend says that labradorite is a part of the Northern Lights, which was trapped in the mountain stones. A young warrior released it, throwing a sharp spear into a wall of rock, but a part of the Northern lights aura remained in the stones, due to which labradorite has its unique shine.

In reality, it occurs in nature with many inclusions including Zirconium, magnetite, ilmenite, rutile and hematite, which cause its peculiar color. It is these mineral "compliments" that result from the occurrence of the phenomenon pleochroism in stone, i.e. Depending on the angle of light, it takes on a different color, which can be further extracted and emphasized with the right jeweler's craft.

Labradorite description

Labradorite, a magma sea-deep rock, a variety of anorthosite. It is almost entirely composed of crystallized plagioclase. Color gray or dark gray. A characteristic feature in the specific play of colors on the surface of labradorite is labradoridation. Polished labradorite is used in the construction industry as a lining material.

Labradorites in jewelry

Labradorite, thanks to its unique properties, is a mineral that is ideal for making beautiful handmade jewelry. With a wide range of colors, which it possesses, it allows artists to create unique ornaments. For example, slightly greenish labradorite combines well with the fiery shine of copper. In contrast, labradorite in a discreet shade of gray or blue fits perfectly into silver. Yes, labradorite gemstone is unique, so it is often used to create beautiful jewelry that is actually a great idea for an original gift for a loved one. Every lover of the beautiful and unique jewelry will certainly appreciate it.


Labradorite is mined in Canada, also Occurs in Australia, Madagascar, Russia, Mexico, China, the Scandinavian Peninsula and the United States. Color - blue, navy blue.

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