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Etymology and history

Referred to as the "colorful extract of a drop of blood of mother earth", ruby is considered one of the most unique gemstones. It has long symbolized the greatest of riches - love, and thanks to this magical image became a favorite of the mighty and lovers. Rubin delights with flame, and its name derives from the Latin word ruber, which means red and literally refers to the color that makes the stone - from soft pink to dark purple. Ruby’s wonderful color is owed due to a mixture of chromium oxide. It is this compound that is a dye present in small amounts of the earth's crust, which causes the ruby to be one of the rarest gems on the globe. The richest deposits of rubies are in Burma, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kampuchea, Tanzania, Afghanistan and the United States. Rubies rarely form large crystals. The biggest specimen found was a gigantic mass of 1,743 carats in the mine Dat Taw in Burma. Ruby and sapphire stones are relatively close to each other. They belong to the same family of corundum, and have identical physical properties. Because of the close origin, often both of these precious stones occur in the same places. However, sapphire is a stone which is much more widespread than the ruby. Both are the hardest mineral after a diamond.

Ruby description

Ruby is a gemstone from the family of oxides, a rare red variety of corundum. Ruby and sapphire are the hardest mineral after the diamond. Rubies owe their red color chromium atoms, and iron is responsible for their brownish tint. The Crystals of the best quality and the most highly tinted in deep red with a blue shade (also known as the color of "pigeon blood") come from Burma. There are specimens of Ruby having needle-like inclusions of rutile which reminds of a six-pointed star, and Ruby, which possesses them is called Star-studded Ruby.

Jewelry with rubies

The first mention of jewelry with rubies appear in Indian poems five thousand years ago, where they describe the magnificent necklace of rubies and diamonds. The great Italian traveler Marco Polo wrote about the "color of ruby is a symbol of passion, love and pleasure, it is the color of life and youth." Ruby symbolizes the greatest of riches - love, and is a favorite of lovers. Rubin is also a stone of abundance and dynamism, brings passion and willingness to act, rebuild confidence and optimism. Its energy has a positive effect on feelings, social standing and prestige, attracts positive people and events. It is a stone of leaders and kings. This unique collection of rubies is the pride of Silverrushstyle.


Myanmar (Burma) near Mogok, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tanzania. Other deposits of more importance are found in: Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya, Madagascar and Vietnam. Less Significant deposits are in Australia, Brazil, India, Malawi, Nepal, Pakistan, United States and Zimbabwe.

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