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Etymology and history

The name of Sapphire comes from Greek word σάπφειρος; sappheiros, what mean nothin more than "blue stone". The ancient Persians believed the earth rests on a giant sapphire. Its reflection, they said, made the sky blue. Some etymologists propose an old Sanskrit origin to the Semitic word "sappir": a dark colored precious stone called "Shanipriya", from "shani” meaning "Saturn" and "priya", precious, i.e. "precious to Saturn".

Sapphire description

Sapphire is Seth original “true blue”: the gem of fidelity and of the soul. In ancient times, a gift of a sapphire was a pledge of trust, honesty, purity, and loyalty. This tradition makes sapphire a popular choice for engagement rings. The sapphire is one of the two or three gem-varieties of corundum, with another one being the red or deep pink ruby. Although blue is their most well-known color, sapphires are made up of any color of corundum except for red (red ones are called rubies). Sapphires may also be colorless, and they are also found in shades of gray and black.

Sapphire in jewelry

Sapphire is one of the most popular jewelry stones. The blue variety is most often used in jewelry, but the yellow, pink, and orange stones are also popular. A rare orange-pink variety, known as padparadschah, is even more valued than blue sapphire. Stones displaying asterism are polished as cabochons, and, if clear, are extremely valuable. Blue sapphire is sometimes carved into cameos or small figures. Synthetic sapphire is often used as a substitute for the natural material.


Significant sapphire deposits are found in Eastern Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, East Africa, and in North America in a few locations, such as at "Gem Mountain", and in or near the Missouri River in the region around Helena, Montana. Sapphire and rubies are often found together in the same area, but one gem is usually more abundant.

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