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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

Etymology and history

The name of Tiger's eye is taken from the animal tiger, because it looks like eye of real tiger. Tiger's eye is what a known in mineralogy as a pseudomorph is. The term comes from the Greek for "false form." Pseudomorphs form when one mineral replaces another. Tiger's eye (also called Tigers eye or Tiger eye) is a chatoyant gemstone. An incompletely silicified blue variant is called Hawk's eye.

Tiger's Eye description

Tiger's-eye is an attractive and popular gemstone that is ubiquitous in stores that cater to rock and mineral collectors. For more than a century, textbooks and museum displays have identified the material as an archetype of pseudomorphism, i.e., the replacement of one mineral by another with the retention of the earlier mineral's shape. Our study has revealed that the textures responsible for the shimmer of tiger's-eye do not represent pseudomorphic substitution of quartz after preexisting crocidolite asbestos. Rather, we argue that tiger's-eye classically exemplifies synchronous mineral growth through a crack-seal vein-filling process. Tigers Eye includes the colors of yellow or honey, red and brown. It usually comes with a very silky luster and is made from the fibrous type of Quartz (cryptocrystalline). Most of the time, these colors are either in lines or bent. This beautiful gemstone is usually very affordable and has been known to man for thousands of years.

Tiger's eye in jewelry

Tiger's Eye is usually used for ornamental jewelry and is cut for rings or charms. It is a truly magnificent looking gemstone and it is usually very affordable. Tiger Eye Jewelry is a classic elegant design. It is hard to find such a combination of tasteful design and quality construction at such value. You will enjoy this jewelry for years to come.


Notable sources of tiger's eye include the United States, South Africa, Canada, Korea, China, Brazil, Namibia, India, and Burma.

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