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$88.00 $49.28
RETAIL value: $880.00
Weight: 10.20g
Dimension: L- 2 1/8, W - 7/8, T- 1/4 inch
Backing: Hook
Item Code: 19-wrz-23-51
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$87.37 $48.93
RETAIL value: $873.70
Weight: 13.70g
Dimension: L - 2 1/4, W - 5/8, T - 1/4 inch
Backing: Hook
Item Code: 1-lut-23-24
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$52.65 $29.48
RETAIL value: $526.50
Weight: 22.90g
Dimension: L - 2 1/2, W - 1, T - 3/8 inch
Backing: Hook
Item Code: 22-sie-22-27
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$63.23 $35.41
RETAIL value: $632.30
Weight: 10.80g
Dimension: L- 1 5/8, W - 3/4, T- 1/4 inch
Backing: Push backing
Item Code: 27-lip-22-26
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$74.28 $41.60
RETAIL value: $742.80
Weight: 10.20g
Dimension: L- 2 5/8, W - 5/8, T- 1/4 inch
Backing: Hook
Item Code: 29-kwi-22-62
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$46.48 $26.03
RETAIL value: $464.80
Weight: 8.50g
Dimension: L- 1, W - 5/8, T- 1/4 inch
Backing: Hook
Item Code: 14-lut-22-60

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Quartz Earrings  

Quartz is a very abundant material on earth, it actually the second most frequent mineral after Feldspar. It has many wonderful attributes, it is hard, but easy to cut and is available in many different colorse. It has many different varieties, several of whom are considered semi-precious stones, while others are worthless. Our collection of Quartz earrings are of course always made of the former ones, including the most beautiful varieties, for example Agate, Onyx, Jasper or Aventurine, while we also sell naturally not occuring versions, such as the Prasiolite (also called "Blue Amethyst"), which is created by heat treatment of another Quartz.

Quartz earrings and other types of jewelry are often believed to be able to transmit energy, to reduce stress and to make the owner more active, more agile. Some people might doubt this ability of the stone, but the fact is that it has so-called piezoelectric properties, meaning that the develop electric potential upun mechanical stress. This is the very reason they used to be part of phonograph pickups, and they still very important in Quartz clocks. So why wouldn't the body be able to use the electric potential of these faboulous stones?

As you can see on this page, there are really many shapes and colours in which we offer Quartz earrings, so you will most definitely find the one that fits your taste the most. If you're not sure which type of Quartz to choose, just check out our pages for the specific stones where we explain to you their best features and characteristics. Don't worry if you're in doubt, remember that every item you don't like we replace or refund, just send it back within 30 days of the payment, and we will recompense you.

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