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SALE -75%
$1,230.42 $307.61
RETAIL value: $2,460.84
Weight: 10.20g
Size: 7 1/4
Dimension: L- 3/4, W - 7/8, T- 3/8 inch
Item Code: 14-lis-23-51
SALE -75%
$1,358.24 $339.56
RETAIL value: $2,716.48
Weight: 4.90g
Size: 7
Dimension: L - 3/4, W - 3/8, T - 3/8 inch
Item Code: 19-paz-21-57
SALE -75%
$1,498.29 $374.57
RETAIL value: $2,996.58
Weight: 20.50g
Size: 9
Dimension: L- 1 5/8, W - 7/8, T- 3/8 inch
Item Code: 2-lis-21-143

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About SRS Silver Rings Collection

Women's favorite type of jewelry? Earrings and pendants score high, but it is the rings that take the stage now. Large silver rings with stones with rich color are a great accessory to wear alone or in stack if you wish to free your artistic soul and spice up your style. Handmade, artisan pieces made of sterling silver are a rare find - thanks to us you can have it at your fingertips, also literally. So place an order and choose your shipping method now.

Crafting a masterpiece - sterling silver ring

The collection of our unique sterling silver rings for women includes the best patterns and combinations of metal and stone. While designing and producing jewels, at every stage of their creation we do our best to bring out the highest quality of the material entrusted to us. We use carefully selected gems from all over the world along with the highest quality sterling silver. Our finest jewelry artisans use these materials to produce handmade unique silver rings, from start to finish. See the soul and beauty you will not find in any other store with sterling silver jewelry.

We offer a sterling silver ring collection that contains several thousands of patterns, hundreds of precious and semiprecious stones and dozens of combinations with the finest possible designs. We make every effort to ensure that our crafts aptly capture the essence and flavor of the jewelry art in order to form the most beautiful accessories for each hand.

Our artisan silver rings are not just ordinary products, they are the works of art. Every woman can be sure that there is no other in the world with the very same band. We create unique masterpieces, which are defined as rings only by incident.

Search for the philosopher's stone

You can shop our collection in two ways: choose the piece that caught your eye or do the background check first and hunt for a piece with a specific stone. You may not know, but our stones have next to magical power to heal, calm or inspire. Each of them has their own history and their own unique properties.

Turquoise, for instance, means "Turkish" in French as it came to Europe from Turkey. Its exceptional ability to protect against diseases, strengthen immunity system and stimulate body tissues to regenerate makes it a true gem. As for calming and balancing properties, look for pearls. They are known for their power to inspire, wake up faith and hope. Garnet, on the other hand, triggers strong emotions, develops passion and creativity, yet helps with self-confidence and controlling the anger.

Hard to believe? Our stones really rock. Make an effort to search for a perfect match before you make a purchase! See the comprehensive description of all the categories - from birth to zodiac, in our Education Center section and find your own philosopher's stone.

Silver rings - blinking anniversaries

Our handmade sterling silver rings with stones are our personal interpretation of timeless accessories that complement the beauty and style of its owner. A vast choice of artisan and rare pieces in our collection will let you purchase your dream ring.

Silver is much more versatile than gold. Seen as modest but extremely elegant and exquisite ornament at the same time it is suitable for many occasions. Sterling silver combined with a properly selected gems can either elevate the look or make it more casual.

This metal stood the test of time and changing fashion. Its primary function, to serve as a precious jewelry material for women, has remained the same for over 3000 years. No wonder it has become a synonym of elegance and good taste.

Therefore, handmade silver rings with stones are also a great gift idea. A true-blue color of sapphire that stands for fidelity, loyalty and faithfulness framed with a remarkable sterling silver base makes a unique engagement ring or a beyond beautiful surprise for your 25th wedding anniversary. Let the sapphire become a symbol of your life's milestones and new beginnings.

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