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tanzanite Pendants  

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$190.57 $66.70
RETAIL value: $381.14
Weight: 10.20g
Dimension: L - 1 1/2, W - 1, T - 3/8 inch
Inner Bail Diameter: 1/4 inch
Item Code: 17-lut-24-46
SALE -65%
$295.95 $103.58
RETAIL value: $591.90
Weight: 14.80g
Dimension: L - 1 3/4, W - 1 1/4, T - 3/8 inch
Inner Bail Diameter: 1/4 inch
Item Code: 29-lis-23-112
SALE -65%
$144.68 $50.64
RETAIL value: $289.36
Weight: 5.50g
Dimension: L - 1, W - 3/4, T - 3/8 inch
Inner Bail Diameter: 1/4 inch
Item Code: 26-wrz-23-48
SALE -65%
$301.07 $105.37
RETAIL value: $602.14
Weight: 21.20g
Dimension: L- 2 1/2, W - 1 3/8, T- 3/8 inch
Inner Bail Diameter: 1/4 inch
Item Code: 26-mar-22-37

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About SRS tanzanite Pendants Collection

Tanzanite is a blue zoisite variety. It is mined in one place in the world - at the foot of the Kilimanjaro massif. Initially, it was thought to be a somewhat lighter variety of sapphire. As soon as it was discovered that it was a completely different mineral, its value increased significantly. It is difficult to access, and thus extremely desirable by jewelers around the world.

Genuine tanzanite pendants have amazing properties. Depending on the angle of view of the tanzanite gemstone pendants, it differs in color. You can then observe very diverse colors - from blue and purple, through brown, to yellow and green. Ac-cording to some proponents of the healing effects of gemstones, tanzanite pendants affect the forehead chakra. Tanzanite stone pendant makes it easy to reach a spir-itual agreement. Natural tanzanite pendants protects against unfavorable glances and the negative impact of the environment on the body. The beauty of tanzanite pendants for sale is often revealed thanks to the proper grinding of the precious stones that decorate it. Tanzanite pendants look great when faceted tanzanite is used.

It also happens that the tanzanite used has the shape of a pillow. Ornaments with this unique mineral are extremely stylish. So if you want to feel special, don't hesi-tate. Real tanzanite pendants is a gift for people who were born in the last month of the year. It perfectly harmonizes with their zodiac sign and has a positive effect on well-being.

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