10th Anniversary Earrings  

SALE -75%
$403.75 $100.94
RETAIL value: $807.50
Weight: 15.50g
Dimension: L- 2 3/4, W - 1, T- 3/16 inch
Backing: Push backing
Item Code: 30-maj-24-30
SALE -75%
$205.95 $51.49
RETAIL value: $411.90
Weight: 5.90g
Dimension: L- 1 5/8, W - 3/4, T - 1/4 inch
Backing: Hook
Item Code: 30-maj-24-14
SALE -75%
$302.21 $75.55
RETAIL value: $604.42
Weight: 13.80g
Dimension: L- 1 7/8, W - 5/8, T - 1/4 inch
Backing: Hook
Item Code: 9-maj-24-44
SALE -75%
$305.20 $76.30
RETAIL value: $610.40
Weight: 12.30g
Dimension: L - 1 5/8, W - 5/8, T - 1/4 inch
Backing: Push backing
Item Code: 6-maj-24-53
SALE -75%
$225.20 $56.30
RETAIL value: $450.40
Weight: 11.80g
Dimension: L - 1 7/8, W - 5/8, T - 1/2 inch
Backing: Latch back
Item Code: 25-mar-24-42
SALE -75%
$140.77 $35.19
RETAIL value: $281.54
Weight: 10.20g
Dimension: L- 1 1/2, W - 5/8, T - 3/16 inch
Backing: Hook
Item Code: 15-sie-23-16
SALE -75%
$140.77 $35.19
RETAIL value: $281.54
Weight: 5.80g
Dimension: L- 1 3/8, W - 5/8, T - 3/16 inch
Backing: Hook
Item Code: 29-lip-23-63
SALE -75%
$119.96 $29.99
RETAIL value: $239.92
Weight: 5.20g
Dimension: L- 1 1/4, W - 3/8, T - 1/4 inch
Backing: Push backing
Item Code: 10-lut-23-26

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About SRS 10th Anniversary Earrings Collection

Is it time to celebrate your 10th anniversary? If so, then we've got the perfect item for you. Whether your significant other is making the purchase or you're the one placing the order, you deserve and need these 10th Anniversary Earrings.

You've reached an impressive milestone and you deserve to be rewarded with some nice jewelry. Our different pieces make bold and classy statements that will definitely have you looking your absolute best. A few of the various styles we offer include, but are not limited to: Natural Beauty Black Onyx, Gorgeous Black Onyx, Excellent Black Onyx, and much more. We even offer different shapes and sizes, including: oval shaped, square shaped, dangly earrings, and much more.

If you want to look extra special for your big night, then consider purchasing a pair of our 10th Anniversary Earrings. One important feature you should now about is how comfortable the earrings actually are. The last thing you want to feel is pain or be uncomfortable, and now you don't have to be. You won't even realize you're wearing earrings.

Our jewelry makes the perfect gift because it's beautiful but also very affordable. All women deserve to have pretty jewelry, and now they can! No matter what your budget may be, we've got items that all women can afford. Therefore, browse our impressive selection of earrings and consider making your selection.

Do you want a little bit of color on your ear? We also offer earrings that add just a splash of color to accent any and all wardrobe pieces. Feel free to wear these earrings with any type of outfit, whether dressy or casual. After all, style can be whatever you want it to be.

You won't find any other earrings that are quite like ours. Make your purchase today; you definitely won't regret it!

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