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agate Earrings  

Earrings -75%
$174.02 $43.51
RETAIL value: $348.04
Weight: 11.20g
Dimension: L - 1 3/8, W - 1/2, T - 1/4 inch
Backing: Hook
Item Code: 02-gru-23-160
Earrings -75%
$121.81 $30.45
RETAIL value: $243.62
Weight: 4.20g
Dimension: L - 1/2, w - 1/2, T - 1/4 inch
Backing: Push backing
Item Code: 11-lip-23-33
Earrings -75%
$157.31 $39.33
RETAIL value: $314.62
Weight: 12.30g
Dimension: L - 7/8, w - 5/8, T - 1/4 inch
Backing: French Clip
Item Code: 18-maj-23-18
Earrings -75%
$181.79 $45.45
RETAIL value: $363.58
Weight: 13.80g
Dimension: L - 1, w - 3/4, T - 1/4 inch
Backing: French Clip
Item Code: 11-maj-23-10
Earrings -75%
$158.38 $39.60
RETAIL value: $316.76
Weight: 13.50g
Dimension: L - 1 5/8, W - 5/8, T - 1/4 inch
Backing: French Back earrings
Item Code: 3-maj-23-45
Earrings -75%
$169.55 $42.39
RETAIL value: $339.10
Weight: 10.20g
Dimension: L - 7/8, w - 5/8, T - 1/4 inch
Backing: French Clip
Item Code: 15-sty-23-72
Earrings -75%
$143.49 $35.87
RETAIL value: $286.98
Weight: 12.50g
Dimension: L - 1 3/8, W - 7/8, T - 1/4 inch
Backing: Push backing
Item Code: 8-kwi-22-32
Earrings -75%
$164.40 $41.10
RETAIL value: $328.80
Weight: 15.80g
Dimension: L - 1 1/8, w - 7/8, T - 3/8 inch
Backing: French Clip
Item Code: 24-lut-22-49
Earrings -75%
$160.00 $40.00
RETAIL value: $320.00
Weight: 8.90g
Dimension: L - 1 3/4, w - 1/2, T - 3/16 inch
Item Code: 15-lis-20-30

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About SRS agate Earrings Collection

Agate is a classy, colorful and inexpensive stone that's available in rivers and beaches all over the globe. Our wellbeing can be aided significantly by the healing properties of agate, some believe. It has long been thought that this stone possesses certain metaphysical properties that assist in promoting our wellbeing and healing our wounds. The presence of this semi-precious gemstone adds more to your earrings and plays a key role in producing world class jewelry. Buying agate stone earrings from wholesalers like us can have numerous advantages.

It is believed that agate helps in enhancing our confidence and prosperity. Wearing agate has been said to have incredible effects on productivity, mood, and assertiveness. This could have numerous benefits for you at home, at work, and in your social life. Some of us would go the extent of believing that wearing this gemstone may protect children from unknown risks and curb disasters.

Agate jewelry is meant to bring out your beauty while also giving you these wonderful metaphysical aids. Bulk purchases of agate earrings are allowed through wholesalers in different states; your outfits can be accentuated by these stones as they come in multiple color combinations. Although the items made of agate and their suppliers play a key role in determining their purchase volume, the individual purposes may not have an equal impact on such purchases. By increasing the volume of purchase the unit price can be lowered when beneficial price breaks are offered by the sellers. The consumers may even enjoy substantial price breaks at times.

Wholesale agate earrings are always associated with a wide range of varieties and colors. You'll find it beneficial to choose specific colors as the entire spectrum gets covered by colors on most occasions. For every pair of agate earrings, you may find a specific pricing and design in the online catalog maintained by the seller. The best-sellers are often promoted by some of these sellers.

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