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Animal shape Earrings  

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About SRS Animal shape Earrings Collection

Since humanity evolved to a state of consciousness higher than animals', many people tend to forget how much we can thank to animals. From the meat and eggs we eat and the milk we drink through the work they do for us to the faithful friendships of dogs, we are nearly just as dependent on them as in the times we had no other choice but to hunt them for their meat. Some say that a very good indicator of a person's personality is how he or she deals with the animals that have to chance to hurt them, also stating that someone who loves animals can't possibly be a bad person. Wearing an animal shape earring therefore attests that a person is a caring, who didn't forget her roots and knows that without animals there would be no humanity.

Our selection of animal shape earrings try to catch these sentiments, and incorporate them in wonderful gems and splendid pure sterling silver, so that they become more than just accessories, they become some kind of higher art that represents a philosophy. Wear them with pride, and they will accompany you like a faithful pet for many years to come.

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