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Copper jewelry can look amazing, and with its similarities to bronze, copper can be used to construct many vastly different and yet exquisitely beautiful pieces. But we don't need to stop at copper, because nature certainly doesn't. While copper as we know it is formed from copper ores at a certain state of development, copper ores that oxidise, or come into prolonged contact with oxygen molecules forms a breathtaking stone known as Azurite, which looks fantastic when incorporated into jewelry. Azurite earrings are a great way to incorporate this breathtaking stone into your daily look.

Azurite usually encompasses shades of brilliant green and blue, meaning that azurite earrings make a bold statement when worn on your ears, yet are also elegant with a refined sense of subtlety. The coloring of the stone means that azure earrings look great with casual wear, and the darker variations look equally fantastic when you need more of a sense of formality with your look.

Azurite naturally occurs and is mined in all the continents of the world, with the exception of North America and much of continental Europe. Azurite is seen as having mystical significance, and is thought to aid communication and clarity of thought, meaning that azurite earrings make a particularly thoughtful gift to someone about to embark on their college adventure, or perhaps the student in your life who is worried about an important upcoming exam.

Even if azurite earrings are just a much deserved gift for yourself, the stunning blue and green combination of colors prevalent in the stone means that it will be a unique addition to your accessories collection, and who knows- perhaps the clarity of thought aspect of the stone will be helpful in your daily life.

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