What earrings to wear when first pierced?

What earrings to wear when first pierced?
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First piercing is usually a very exciting experience. Thus, picking your first pair of earrings is a huge challenge! What to consider when choosing your first set of earrings? Are there any rules or recommendations? Is it all about your style? It’s always good to ask a professional piercer for advice but… you can just keep reading to find out!

Does the proper metal matter?

Definitely. The best choice for a new piercing is surgical stainless steel. This metal is the least likely to cause al allergic reaction and skin sensitivity.  Surgical stainless steel is commonly used in body implants and it doesn’t react with the body fluids. Besides surgical stainless steel, the following metals are also recommended: titanium, platinum and 14K gold. Some experts also recommend niobium – it’s more expensive than surgical stainless steel but it’s super durable.

Which metals to avoid?

Make sure you’re aware of allergens. Nickel is one of the most common reasons for allergies and skin sensitivities.  Nickel is a relatively cheap material and many jewelers still use it so make sure your first earrings don’t contain it, especially if you’re allergic.

On top of nickel, the following metals often cause allergy – brass, copper and cobalt. Some people think that sterling silver is 100% safe, but that’s not true. The metal is made from 92.5% silver, but the remaining 7.5% is another metal, usually copper. While choosing the right metal for your first piercing, always stick to the rule – your body is unique. You can experience reactions to components that others have no problem with. If something works for your body, it doesn’t have to work for someone else’s.

If any jewelry becomes an irritant, remove it instantly and wait until the piercing is fully healed. Then, try another piece of jewelry. Make sure you don’t try the second pair of earrings immediately after you remove the first one. Allow the piercing to heal first.

What about the size?

For starters, small earrings are much better. They are easy to heal and clean which is extremely important. If you want to, you can start with small hoops or rings – after your first piercing slight swelling may occur so hoops or rings will not put pressure on your healing piercing. Besides, such earrings don’t have earring backs so they are much easier to clean, as opposed to e.g. studs. However, if you decide to choose studs, make sure you take hygiene seriously. Such earrings need extra care while cleaning.