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carnelian Pendants  

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About SRS carnelian Pendants Collection

Carnelian pendants support spiritual development, relieve anger, fear and jealousy. It allows you to see the connection between feelings and illness. Carnelian stone pendants prevents infections and infections, strengthens the immune system. Re-lieves PMS and menopause symptoms. Facilitates the functioning of the abdominal organs. Natural carnelian pendants accelerate tissue regeneration.

This stone cleans blood, helps defecation, reduces fever, relieves rheumatism and nervous pains. Real carnelian pendants help fight depression. Genuine carnelian pendants facilitate concentration and stimulate the body's vitality. It develops spiritu-ally and awakens the creative potential hidden within us, purifying and developing consciousness. Carnelian gemstone pendants hold back from negative deeds, which leads to a better understanding of the meaning of life. It gives the key to wis-dom.

This mineral is best suited to people under the sign of Libra, Leo, Aries and Cancer and also for people born in August. Carnelian pendants for sale in our store have unique designs. We combine amethysts of different color and shape in them, so that every woman (and man) will be able to feel special wearing our jewelry. We also combine amethysts with other precious stones, thus combining the different colors and powers they possess. All our pendants are surrounded by high-carat gold or silver. In this way, each person will be able to choose for themselves their favorite precious metal that will suit any, both everyday and unique - evening styling.

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