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Jade Earrings  

Green jewelry can be a beautiful accessory, although many of us don't have the budget for a nice piece that encompasses emeralds. Jade is equally beautiful, and is more cost effective, meaning that you can maybe have a number of different pieces of jade jewelry to accessorize your look. Jade is such a strong material that it was used in prehistoric times as tools and weapons, and the New Zealand Maori people often wore ceremonial jade clubs and knives as status symbols. We know longer use jade for that purpose, and there's nowhere better for it than a beautiful pair of jade earrings.

While it's of course up to your own personal style preferences, green jewelry looks fantastic with darker clothes, and a pair of jade earrings can really bring a formal or business outfit to life. Jade can be cut and styled into a huge different number of shapes, so the possibilities are endless.

Jade has many different meanings to different cultures, and in ancient China, it was believed that jade, particularly when made into the shape of a butterfly, would bring your one true love into your life. It's also believed that jade had powers of protection, and that wearing jade would protect you against accidents, illness and general misfortune.

Whether or not you believe in the mystical qualities of jade, there's one thing that's undeniable about the stone- and that's just how amazing it can look, particularly when constructed into a beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry; something any woman would be proud to wear. Jade has been cherished for thousands of years, and given its loveliness, it will no doubt be treasured for thousands of years to come.

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