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Unique design lab. Green Moldavite Peridot Sterling Silver Pendant
RETAIL value: $154.95
Weight: 9.00g
Dimension: L- 2, W- 1 1/8, T- 3/16 inch
Inner Bail Diameter: 1/4 inch
Item Code: 14-kwi-21-6
$425.80 $149.03
Genuine Rough Green Moldavite .925 Sterling Silver handcrafted Ring size 8
$425.80 $149.03
RETAIL value: $558.00
Weight: 12.80g
Size: 8
Dimension: L- 5/8, W - 1 1/8, T- 3/4 inch
Item Code: 6-sty-21-26

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Moldavite Jewelry  

Let's be honest - there is no other precious stone like moldavite. The gemstone was created almost 15 million years ago in a celestial event. Now, moldavite stone jewelry is probably one of the rarest in the world - it is estimated that there are only 300 tons of this unique stone in total. The supply of moldavite has been rapidly decreasing so besides the moldavite jewelry's charm and symbolism, it may be also considered a good investment. The gemstone appears as an olive-green or emerald-colored stone. It can range from bright to dull green colors, highly pleasing to the eye. The great thing is that there are no two pieces of the real moldavite jewelry that are exactly alike.

Moldavite jewelry of top quality

Are you looking for a gift that is rarer than diamonds and a better investment than gold? You have come to the right place - moldavite stone jewelry is definitely something you may be interested in! Is genuine moldavite jewelry a better gift than diamonds then? Some research shows that diamonds are mined every decade as there is moldavite in total so... decide yourself. We believe that moldavite gemstone jewelry is a stunning present for someone you care about the most. It's a symbol of real love and uniqueness so it should only be given to your dearest one. Browse our amazing collection of natural moldavite jewelry - pendants, earrings, rings and necklaces - and find the one that will knock you out. Each piece of our moldavite jewelry for sale comes with a certificate of authenticity!

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