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moldavite Earrings  

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About SRS moldavite Earrings Collection

Our Mother Nature has never been shy to offer us all the beautiful materials she creates, as it is obvious if you look how many types of gemstones we are offering in our jewelry. That being said, some people may strive to reach even higher, to cosmic distances for the stones in their accessories, and for them, there is Moldavite. This gemstone is actually he result of a meteorite that crashed into the ground in Eastern Europe, namely in the area of the current Czech Republic. The heat caused by the crash metamorphosed the rock, resulting in the wonderful stones we nowadays call Moldavite. It was used since the middle ages both for artistic and practical purposes, for example for sculpturing and as arrowheads, and it was believed to be a spiritual talisman which gives the wearer good fortune, fertility and protection. It was said that it merges the powers of earth and heaven in itself (and they weren't that wrong in that), and that through it the shamans can communicate with higher powers.

It is still mined in Bohemia, but the widely accepted theory is that in the next ten to twenty years, the mines will become depleted, and the mining of Moldavite will stop. It is a good idea therefore to acquire your own interstellar piece as soon as possible, since its price will only get higher and higher as the stocks get smaller and smaller. It is a mineral of great delicacy, one has the feeling that it somehow incorporated the flame it was born by into itself, no wonder that many people have a burning sensation when first holding one of our Moldavite earrings.

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