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Rhodochrosite Earrings  

Some types of gems, stones and precious metals seem to have been utilized as decoration for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Ancient cultures like those of Egypt, Greece and the Ottoman Empire had amazing beautiful jewerly and gem encrusted decorations that wouldn't look out of place today. While youth doesn't necessarily mean beautiful, one of the most beautiful gems is not so widely known, and this is perhaps because it was only formally identified in 1813, which is not long ago at all in terms of gems and stones- although it dated back much farther than that. It's time to become familiar with rhodohrosite and the sheer beauty of rhodohrosite earrings.

While thought to be a new discovery, it was later discovered that rhodohrosite had been mined by the Incas hundreds of years before, and that they believed the pinkish rock to be the blood of their ancestors as they rejoined the earth. There is a touch of Aztec beauty to the stone, and it looks sensational when trimmed with either silver or gold.

While rhodohrosite earrings are mostly pink in color, they contain a number of different hues, making each piece truly unique, and rhodohrosite stones often also have slivers of white infused with the pink, giving them a soft, calming look.

The calming look of the stone means that it's traditionally associated with emotional healing, and so if you've had a bad few days, you might find yourself uplifted by putting on a pair of gorgeous rhodohrosite earrings. While the stone has a distinctive color making it instantly recognizable, it's available in a huge number of different cuts and styles, meaning it can be paired with many different looks, no matter what your mood.

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