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Happy St. Patrick's Day - All JEWELRY 67% OFF

sitara Earrings  

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About SRS sitara Earrings Collection

Sitara stones are made of a type of glass with copper or copper salts, with the help of a reducing flame, providing a low-oxygen atmosphere. During the process, the copper ions meld into the silica, which provides some wonderful colors and patterns. They then smoothly polished and carefully selected for our selection of Sitara stone earrings.

Sitara means "star" in Persian, and the Sitara stones well deserve this name. They are wonderfully deep and engaging, and look absolutely magnificent when combined with the natural beauty of the silver frame. The original production process for these gems was first established in the 17th century Venice, where the Miotti family, known for their progressive approach towards jewelry, and then quickly spread throughout the world as women from all corners of the world yearned for Sitara stones earrings, necklaces and other jewels. Luckily nowadays these earrings are well within the price range of even less wealthy women, so it is well worth it to choose one of them for your collection of jewels. Black sun Sitaras for example resemble our galaxy and the deep space, so people who tend to just watch the stars at night, amazed by their beauty will surely find them to their liking, but blue and red Sitara earrings have also some wonderful tones and styles.

Goldstones are energy stones. They are usually associated with vitality and energy, but they are also very popular for aiding learning and communication. A legend says that Sitara was first produced by accident, when monks were practicing alchemy and the copper accidentally fell into a molten glass container. They also say that during this moment the knowledge of these monks have been trapped in the stone, and that's why it has such a positive effect on the brain. While these are only legends and these positive features are not yet proven, no one can deny the unmatched beauty of these wonderful Sitara stones earrings.

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