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Happy St. Patrick's Day - All JEWELRY 67% OFF

unakite Earrings  

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About SRS unakite Earrings Collection

A truly American gemstone, Unakite was first discovered in the Unakas mountains, in North Carolina, and is a very complex and artistic stone. It is a kind of altered granite, made of many other kinds of gems, which gives you the wonderful pink-green combination you can see above. Since its discovery, it has been used to make wonderful jewelry, but it is also commonly used for sculpturing animal carvings (we also often offer animal shape Unakite earrings, that are especially popular among our customers).

The natural colors and beautiful patterns of these earrings offered here usually make a very big impression on the people who feel a certain connection with our planet and nature and who are never satisfied with anything, so if you are a person like this, you will love these handcrafted Unakite earrings, as each of these items is a masterpiece, designed carefully according to the latest trends on jewelry markets.

It is also widely believed that these stones have some kind of magical powers, that Unakite can help to draw off negative energies and help to lift your spirits when you feel depressed, so it can be a very good gift as well for someone who tends to feel low spirited even if she doesn't have a real reason to be. It is also very good for stomach problems, helping healthy digestion, so it can also be a helping hand for people tackling weight problems. Whether you believe in these things or not, it is sure that it cannot hurt, especially as these healing effects are just an extra, the main point of these stones is to hang beautifully from your ears.

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