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Virgo Earrings  

NEW Red -78%
$421.75 $92.79
RETAIL value: $843.50
Weight: 5.90g
Dimension: L- 1 5/8, W - 3/8, T- 3/8 inch
Backing: Lever Back
Item Code: 7-cze-24-2
SALE -65%
$485.00 $169.75
RETAIL value: $970.00
Weight: 8.50g
Dimension: L- 1 7/8, W - 3/8, T - 3/8 inch
Backing: Push backing
Item Code: 29-maj-24-23
SALE -65%
$119.99 $42.00
RETAIL value: $239.98
Weight: 5.20g
Dimension: L - 1 3/8, W - 1/2, t - 1/4 inch
Backing: Hook
Item Code: 4-wrz-23-2
Red -78%
$391.72 $86.18
RETAIL value: $783.44
Weight: 5.90g
Dimension: L- 1 5/8, W - 3/8, T- 3/8 inch
Backing: Lever Back
Item Code: 4-maj-23-52
SALE -65%
$357.44 $125.10
RETAIL value: $714.88
Weight: 25.60g
Dimension: L- 2 3/4, W - 1 1/4, T- 3/16 inch
Backing: French Back earrings
Item Code: 7-kwi-23-14
SALE -65%
$320.60 $112.21
RETAIL value: $641.20
Weight: 22.50g
Dimension: L- 1 1/8, W - 7/8, T- 3/8 inch
Backing: Push backing
Item Code: 22-paz-20-24

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About SRS Virgo Earrings Collection

Virgos are the people born at the end of summer and the beginning of fall, but this "borderland" doesn't really affect their personality. It is believed that due to the Mercury's ruling planet status for the Virgos, they are realistic, perfectionist and practical, as well as sincere in their emotions and dependable in their work. They are emotionally stable, family-oriented perfectionists, who like subtle but ravishing accessories it's no wonder that the gemstone associated with their star sign is the Tourmaline, and that the Virgo Zodiac Stones earrings mean earrings made of Tourmaline in nearly any corner of the world. Tourmaline is a colorful and scintillating stone, available in nearly any color as well as in many combinations of colors, no wonder that it is believed to help enhancing the creativity and artistic expression. It has been popular since centuries on the Far East, but only became well-known in the Western Civilization after the Dutch have started to import it to Europe at the beginning of the 18th century.

After that, it quickly became one of the favourite gemstone for the more wealthy, and Tourmaline earrings, necklaces and rings have become something of a "must have" for the female members of the bourgeoisie. Thankfully though, nowadays it is affordable even for the less wealthy, and our selection of Tourmaline earrings here at SilverRushStyle.com. are a further 30-40% cheaper than the ones you see in regular shops, even though their quality is usually much higher than those.

Made only with the highest quality sterling silver and by the very hands of the best silversmiths in the country, these Virgo Zodiac Stones earrings are all combinations of fabulous craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. They are fit for any kind of occasion, and their light weight ensures that they will not put your ears under unnecessary pressure.

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