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Moss Agate Jewelry  

SALE -65%
$356.55 $124.79
RETAIL value: $713.10
Weight: 20.50g
Size: 7 1/4
Dimension: L - 1 7/8, W - 1 3/8, T - 3/16 inch
Item Code: 3-cze-24-1
SALE -65%
$331.00 $115.85
RETAIL value: $662.00
Weight: 25.50g
Size: 8
Dimension: L- 1 5/8, W - 1 1/4, T- 1/2 inch
Item Code: 1-mar-24-2
$114.65 $34.40
RETAIL value: $229.30
Weight: 24.80g
Dimension: L- 3 1/8, W - 1 3/4, T- 1/4 inch
Inner Bail Diameter: 1/4 inch
Item Code: 26-maj-23-22
SALE -65%
$324.97 $113.74
RETAIL value: $649.94
Weight: 86.50g
Inner circumference: 18 inch
Drop Part: 1 5/8 inch
Clasp: toggle
Item Code: 2-lis-22-72

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About SRS Moss Agate Jewelry Collection

Appearances can be deceitful - so do not judge the stone by its surface. Agate is seemingly unattractive gray, only after splitting reveals its true face. Please, look at the collection in the offer of our online store: their colors and patterns are so color-full and bright, that it is really hard to believe it was created in the cracks of freezing into rocks lava.

Spectacular moss agate jewelry

Distinctive colors of the moss specimen are so vivid and contrastive that it is again hard to believe it was not created by an artist, a modern painter combining in small perfect forms natural and abstract motifs. Moss agate does really draw the attention and inspires admiration, that is why dressed in beautiful robe of sterling silver pendants or rings do not need to be completed by the whole set of agate jewelry. Dare to be seen as a spectacular soul and share the beauty with people around you

Moss agate for bold imaginative women

So signalizing an adventurous spirit - or a dream of being one - this gemstone needs also to be given a closer look to share with its wearer all wonders hidden inside. It is said that if you look through you are obliged to tell the true. For sure if you look at it really carefully you will have the chance to see deep serene woods, captivating nature inside precious jewel. Do not hesitate, buy one of the unique necklaces for someone you admire - the prices for the highest quality are the best possible.

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