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Dichroic Glass Jewelry  

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$419.66 $142.68
RETAIL value: $4,196.60
Weight: 68.50g
Width (widest section): 1 3/8 inch
Inner circumference: 7 1/2 inch
Clasp: hook
Item Code: 16-lis-21-119
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$279.20 $94.93
RETAIL value: $2,792.00
Weight: 9.80g
Width (widest section): 1 3/4 inch
Inner circumference: 7 1/2 inch
Clasp: hook
Item Code: 17-lis-21-110

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About SRS Dichroic Glass Jewelry Collection

Although most people familiar with dichroic glass think it as a modern invention, the result of a research carried out by NASA to use it as filters, the truth is that its first usage dates back to the fourth century A.D., to the Roman Empire. It is a very exciting artificial material, because its transmitted color is usually completely different to its reflected color, as only particular wavelengths of light can pass through it. This causes the astonishing array of colors dichroic glass can have.

The process of creating this kind of glass is actually a very hard one, requiring precious materials such as gold and silver, as well as other kinds of metals such as titanium, chromium, zirconium, etc. When it is finished, it will have up to fifty layers of these different materials, even though its thickness is only an inch or so. By making a small modification in the thickness or prevalence of these materials, we can have completely different colors, that's why every piece of dichroic glass is different.

Since about a decade, there has been a quickly growing interest in dichroic glass, and few wonders why. It incorporates the wonderful materials nature gives us with the brilliance of human manufacture, creating a truly magnificent material that is perfect to be used for the creation of different pieces of jewelry. In our selection, we offer the most beautiful Dichroic glasses we can find all over the world, combined with pure sterling silver, so that our customers can choose from the best quality Dichroic glass earrings offered all around the globe. All these items offered on this page ooze class and elegance, and are fit to be worn for almost any occasion.

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