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Happy St. Patrick's Day - All JEWELRY 67% OFF

Purple Turquoise Pendants  

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About SRS Purple Turquoise Pendants Collection

Purple turquoise pendants are mostly worn by Sagittarians. This is because turquoise is the birthstone for the sign. Turquoise is also considered as the anniversary gemstone by individuals celebrating the 11th and 5th year of their marriage. Colors of turquoise pendants may vary from purple to sea green and sky blue.

The term "Persian Turquoise" owes much to the finest kinds of turquoise brought from Persia. Extensive use of turquoise was seen amongst Aztec kings and Egyptian Pharaohs. Good luck and healing are supposed to be promoted by Purple turquoise pendants. It is widely believed that the fortune of the hunters and warriors were blessed by the spirit of the sky and sea brought together by the power of turquoise.

Purple turquoise pendants have become more and more popular among Americans over the last couple of centuries, in large part due to the many healing properties associated with turquoise. There is a huge market for Native American jewelry that are combined with silver and gold; that's why there are so many people on the hunt for such kinds of jewelry.

Things to remember while picking the purple turquoise pendants

A color change in turquoise symbolizes a warning against possible risks and dangers. Turquoise is believed to be effective towards relieving stress, controlling emotions and easing mental tensions, thus helping to relax the mind considerably.

Our team of Zuni, Cherokee, and Hopi and Navajo artists know well the importance of using turquoise pendants. The fact that this gemstone contributes towards developing your peace of mind is also known to us. We are experienced in developing turquoise pendants, bracelets and chokers, which are sold around the globe.

Our artists have the expertise of combining turquoise with silver; we would even include matrix quite efficiently to develop the American style of hand-made turquoise for you. Don't forget that the disapproval of your friend or lover is often illustrated by the fading away of your gemstone.

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