Happy St. Patrick's Day - All JEWELRY 67% OFF
Happy St. Patrick's Day - All JEWELRY 67% OFF

Purple Turquoise Jewelry  

90% + 67% OFF
$138.60 $45.74
RETAIL value: $277.20
Weight: 8.50g
Size: 7 1/4
Dimension: 3/4 inch
Item Code: 6-lis-23-64
90% + 67% OFF
$89.24 $29.45
RETAIL value: $178.48
Weight: 10.80g
Size: 7 1/4
Dimension: L- 1, W - 7/8, T- 3/8 inch
Item Code: 31-mar-23-82

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About SRS Purple Turquoise Jewelry Collection

The history of turquoise as a gemstone dates back 6,000 years ago. Found in Aztec tombs and Egyptian pyramids, most likely was also admired by early man. Turquoise was mentioned by Aristotle, Pliny and Marco Polo.

Turquoise is really closely related to the Western Hemisphere - it has been unearthed in archeological sites in North and South America, but it was also mined in Egypt, Persia, Iran, Turkey, China and Tibet. Its name comes from the trade route it ran trough Turkey, from where it was brought back by Venetian traders.

Purple turquoise jewelry sets in our online store

Purple gemstones are stabilised turquoise that come from the Kingman Turquoise Mine in Arizona. The amazing shining color of purple is the effect of bronze or copper infusion process, then it is formed, polished and by the finest Artists who agreed to work with us - set into jewelry.

In our online jewelry store we are proud to offer you to buy purple turquoise jewelry sets. Both unique and impressive they make up sets of rings, earrings, necklaces or pendants. Every piece of jewelry for sale is made with the thought of an exceptional person who will become its owner one day - with the intention of presenting something in one copy only. Please, note the best value for the best prices in online jewelry stores.

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